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Unboxing | Vegan Cuts August 2017

Oh my! How had I let so much time go by since the August Vegan Cuts box arrived before posting about it!

Song: In Your Eyes, by Tribal Seeds

The August 2017 Vegan Cuts Snack Box includes:

  1. Choice Organic Teas Shiitake Mate Tea 
  2. Just Chill Beverage
  3. Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Mini Snickerdoodles 
  4. Watusee Foods Caramel Sea Salt Popped Chickpeatos
  5. Pizootz Baja Taco Peanuts
  6. Bobalu Nuts Tajin Almonds
  7. Wise Snacks Sea Salt Popcorn
  8. Go Raw Watermelon Seeds
  9. MRM Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacer
  10. Aloha Protein Bar (either Mocha or Peanut Butter & Jelly)
  11. Deep River Snacks Ranch Honchos
  12. Earnest Eats Superfood Blueberry Chia Cup
  13. Buddha Brands Pumpkin Spice with Turmeric Coconut Chips
  14. Surprise snacks!

August 2017 Vegan Cuts

As always, check the Crunchy Vegan Gal Instagram for reviews!


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